Often simply called, "outpatient", this type of educational treatment is generally for the "abuser" &has been shown to be life saving in and of itself.  Usually 2 hours per week (on one night),  the classes teach what abuse and addiction are and their differences.  Many drugs, including alcohol, are discussed from what they are made of, to how they affect our brains and our bodies.  Also discussed will be how families are affected and how they can make it through as part of a team for the abuser.  Education classes end up giving the abuser a chance to see how simple drug/alcohol abuse can quickly turn into full blown addiction ~ for whom the chances are greater and those that would be less likely to have addictive tendancies.  The idea of DENIAL is covered thoroughly and never pushed onto anyone.


We can help at Bridges Treatment with educational classes. For more information please call us at 360.714.8180.