Our Relapse Prevention Planning program not only looks at the usual triggers and the end result of relapse, we help you look at your own personal warning signs...these are things that you relate to about the way you feel inside, what you are thinking and what we will see on the outside when you are beginning the relapse process.  We are very clear with you that Relapse is a process and not an event, just as recovery is a process vs an event.

From here we will help you look at how you have handled your warning signs in the past both in a positive way and in a negative way.  Our goal is to help you see what the process is for you as an individual and help you create a "recovery team" and a relapse prevention plan that is exclusive to you....based both on the successes we have seen and the relapses we have witnessed, as you have yours.

This Program is a weekly program and the actual outline takes about 6 months to complete, some will complete it sooner, some will relapse.  We will be with you, as support (a part of your recovery team), either way.


We can help with relapse prevention at Bridges Treatment. For more information please call us at 360.714.8180.