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Individualized Treatment for drugs and or alcohol at Bridges Treatment

March 27th, 2015
At Bridges, we know that every problem and every person is not exactly the same and not every problem or person requires the same solution or path. In that spirit we offer the most individualized personal attention and care. We are an incredibly flexible treatment center who is here to help provide comprehensive solutions and will help you create individualized treatment programs customized t ...

Is Deferred Prosecution Right For You? Call Bridges in Bellingham,WA

March 27th, 2015
What is a deferred prosecution and how long is the program? A deferred prosecution is a program in the State of Washington covered in RCW 10.05. In summary, if you are accused of certain crimes, and the crime was caused by alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health problems, you may be eligible to petition through the court for a deferred prosecution on your case. The case can be dismissed ...

MIP or DUI? Bridges Treatment in Bellingham, WA Can Help!

March 27th, 2015
MIP or DUI? Bridges Treatment and Recovery can help!! Dylan Brashear, Bridges Treatment&Recovery;, Owner&Administrator;, has lost numerous friends and family to drug addiction and alcoholism. These life experiences inspired Brashear to create the most forward thinking and beautifully designed outpatient treatment center in our area. Patients enter Bridges Treatment&Recovery; and are warmly we ...

IOP Intesive Out Patient Treatment in Bellingham, WA

March 27th, 2015
Our Intensive Outpatient program is best suited for clients who are able to stay clean and sober without attending residential treatment. You will receive a concentrated, focused program of group therapy, individual therapy, and continued evaluation. This program includes intensive treatment and follow up treatment in the form of Relapse Prevention Planning as well as Moral Recognition Therap ...