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MIP or DUI in Bellingham, WA? We can help!

MIP or DUI? Bridges Treatment and Recovery can help!! Dylan Brashear, Bridges Treatment&Recovery;, Owner&Administrator;, has lost numerous friends and family to drug addiction and alcoholism. These life experiences inspired Brashear to create the most forward thinking and beautifully designed outpatient treatment center in our area. Patients enter Bridges Treatment&Recovery; and are warmly welcomed by a caring staff into tranquil setting offering serene colors, hardwood floors, bonsai trees, crystals, candles, inspiring quotations, art and photos. The carefully thought out décor and caring staff helps provides a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment to begin the healing process. Bridges Treatment & Recovery has implemented programs and treatment processes that help patients heal the body, mind and spirit while on their journey to recovery. Bridges takes a holistic approach combining traditional counseling with therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture and massage to help patients in their process. Bridges Treatment and Recovery can help with: Outpatient alcohol treatment, outpatient drug treatment, Alcohol Interventions, Drug Interventions, DUI, alcohol treatment, drug treatment, youth programs, deferred prosecution, intensive outpatient treatment, individualized heroin treatment programs, relapse prevention planning, after care, Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS), individual counseling, and employer mandated treatment. Bridges Treatment and Recovery is the most forward thinking outpatient treatment center in our area. We can be depended on to treat you with compassion, empathy and we are always solution focused. Our founder, Dylan Brashear, comes from a family of recovering persons with a combined number of years in recovery reaching 42 years. We understand alcohol and other drug addictions. We understand being addicted and how that affects our lives and the lives of those who love us. At Bridges, we know that every problem and every person is not exactly the same and not every problem or person requires the same solution or path. In that spirit we offer the most individualized personal attention and care. Looking for help with alcohol addiction or drug addiction? Bridges Treatment and Recovery can help! 1221 Fraser St, Suite E-1, Bellingham, WA 98229 Visit our website at Sign up and pay for ADIS Write a review

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