Bridges Treatment and Recovery is the most forward thinking outpatient treatment center in our area. We can be depended on to treat you with compassion; empathy and we are always solution focused.  We understand alcohol and other drug addictions and understand how being addicted affects our lives and the lives of those who love us.  

Bridges Treatment and Recovery’s  philosophy of treatment recognizes a simple truth: all of us exist as mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Only when the whole person is healed—not just the symptoms, but the underlying problems—can recovery begin. Bridges Treatment and Recovery of treatment incorporates this approach.

Bridges Treatment and Recovery integrates philosophies and practices from the medical, psychological, family systems, and self-help communities. Principles of the Twelve-Step Programs—the foundation of all our programs—have been broadened to include more intensive individual care. The result is a bio-psycho-socia foundation for all treatment processes at Bridges. Our model defines disease as a dysfunctional state with characteristic form, whether that form is associated with a mental health disorder, an addiction, or a physical problem. Patients learn to understand underlying causes of emotional and behavioral disorders and recognize how to avoid subsequent addictions and dependencies during the recovery process.